ACI Electronic Payment

WELCOME to the Office of the Insurance Commissioner’s link to initiate electronic payments for State Premium Tax, County/Municipal Tax, Special Fraud Fund assessments and other assessments invoiced by the Premium Tax Division. Please enter the invoice number you would like to pay below.

The invoice number is located under the address section of the invoice and looks like this: Invoice #: 2001234. Next enter your Payor ID which looks like this Payor ID #:  123456  and is located next to the invoice number.

Then select the payment method and enter in banking or credit card information. You will receive a confirmation from ACI when your transaction has been completed. If you have additional questions, please click here or call the Premium Tax Division at 404-656-7553.

ATTENTION: There is a New ACH ID for ACI Payments, Inc.

If you are going to pay by e-check, please use the following originator ID’s in your White List

Payments: 9001211MFT
Returns:     05221907BM

Please provide these numbers to your bank PRIOR to making an e-check payment through ACI Payments, Inc.

Locate these items on your invoice (required)