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Georgia Company Portal - Procedure to Request or Renew Credentials

With regards to permissions in the Company Portal, the Georgia Department of Insurance makes the distinction between regular Users and Administrators. 

Administrators should be employees that know their way around a web application and have a good knowledge of a company's various divisions. 

In the Company Portal, their sole role is to manage accounts.  This means that Administrators will add Users, remove Users, issue them authentication and set their access permissions. 

Regular Users do the actual work and access various web applications based on their permissions. 

Regular users contact their Administrators to reset their authentication when they forget how to login.

We request at least two Administrators per company because of how important their role is.  We will reject any request containing less than two Administrators.

We will need the following:

1) On company letter head, signed by a company Vice-President or higher ...
2) The names of two Administrators
3) Their telephone number and email address

Upon receipt, we will contact each administrator and train them on how to use the Portal.

For Fraternal Benefit Societies, Health Maintenance Organizations, Life & Heath, Provider Sponsored Health Care Corporation, Property & Casualty and Tile:    please Fax LaRhonda at 770-344-4878 or email her at: LWyatt@oci.ga.gov

For Third Party Administrators, Premium Finance Companies, Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Risk Retention Groups, Risk Purchasing Groups, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Vehicular Warranter Protectors and Life Settlement Companies please email us at limitedrisk@oci.ga.gov.

For Risk Retention Groups and Risk Purchasing groups, please email us at limitedrisk@oci.ga.gov.

For Continuing Care Retirement Companies, please email us at limitedrisk@oci.ga.gov.

For Captives, please contact the Captive division at  captivedivision@oci.ga.gov